Over and Over
Album Title: Over and Over
Artists: Thurston Harris
Released: 2015-03-30
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Oldies,Music,Pop,Vocal,Traditional Pop
Price: Free
ORIGIN: Indianapolis, IN
BORN: 1931-07-11
Catalog Number: 47429 31797

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Part of Me.mp3, Turn Me Loose.mp3, Give Me.mp3, Be-Bop Wino.mp3, Sad Life.mp3, Move Me Baby.mp3, Smootchie.mp3, I Can't Stand It.mp3, Just for You.mp3, 24 Sad Hours.mp3, I Used to Cry Mercy, Mercy.mp3, Tell Me You Care.mp3, Salty Dog.mp3, Ride, Jockey, Ride.mp3, Five Minutes Longer.mp3, You Hear.mp3, Yum! Yum! (Sugar Lump).mp3, Goody Good Things.mp3, I Wanna Know.mp3, Believe in Me.mp3, Roll On.mp3, Love, Rock and Thrill.mp3, Don't Make It So Good.mp3, Hug a Little, Kiss a Little.mp3, Bo-Peep.mp3, Cross My Heart.mp3, Fine Fine Frame.mp3, You Were Sent Down from Heaven.mp3, It Ain't Right.mp3, Everything's All Right.mp3, Little Bitty Pretty One.mp3, I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me.mp3, Do What You Did.mp3, I'm Asking Forgiveness.mp3, What Will I Gain.mp3, Shufflin'.mp3, Our Love Is Here to Stay.mp3, Lock My Heart.mp3, Teenage Girl.mp3, Be-Baba-Leba.mp3, I'm Out to Getcha.mp3, Only One Love Is Blessed.mp3, (I Got Loaded At) Smokey Joe's.mp3, Over and Over.mp3, Over Someone Else's Shoulder.mp3, Tears from My Heart.mp3, Purple Stew.mp3, I Heard a Rhapsody.mp3, You Don't Know (How Much I Love You).mp3, Crazy Times.mp3, I'm Crying.mp3, Sad and Lonely.mp3, Bo-Peep (Alternative Version).mp3, Hey Little Girl.mp3, My Love Will Last.mp3, Runk Bunk.mp3, Bless Your Heart.mp3, Slip Slop.mp3, Paradise Hill.mp3, Tell Me So.mp3, In the Bottom of My Heart.mp3, Moonlight Cocktail.mp3, Recess in Heaven.mp3, One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.mp3, Send Me Some Loving.mp3, Mr. Satan.mp3, Quiet As It's Kept.mp3, Poop-A-Loop.mp3, She's the One.mp3, You're Gonna Need Me.mp3, Dance On Little Girl.mp3, Dancing Silhouettes.mp3, I'll Go.mp3, Tell It to Me.mp3, Mercy Me.mp3, Little Bitty Pretty One.mp3, Over and Over (Alternative Version).mp3, All Is Forgiven.mp3,

About Thurston Harris

Thurston Harris recorded with the Lamplighters, one of the many groups on the early R&B scene in South Central Los Angeles, in the early '50s. The group later evolved into the Tenderfoots, then the Sharps, and it was under this last name they were credited to when they backed up Harris on his most famous hit, 1957's "Little Bitty Pretty One" (number two R&B and number six pop) for Aladdin. In 1957, while signed as a solo artist to Aladdin, Harris recorded a cover of Bobby Day's classic novelty number, with a solid band featuring the ubiquitous Earl Palmer on drums and his friends in the Sharps doing background vocals. The single propelled Harris immediately to the front-ranks of the R&B scene. In 1958, Harris scored a Top 20 R&B hit with "Do What You Did," but he failed to have any chart success afterwards. In 1990, Thurston Harris died of a heart attack in Pomona, CA, at age 58. "Little Bitty Pretty One" has gone on to become one of the best-loved oldies of the late '50s. ~ Bryan Thomas

Over and Over

Thurston Harris

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    2:42 Part of Me.mp3
    2:29 Turn Me Loose.mp3
    2:56 Give Me.mp3
    2:25 Be-Bop Wino.mp3
    2:49 Sad Life.mp3
    2:30 Move Me Baby.mp3
    2:31 Smootchie.mp3
    2:34 I Can't Stand It.mp3
    2:22 Just for You.mp3
    2:38 24 Sad Hours.mp3
    2:39 I Used to Cry Mercy, Mercy.mp3
    2:32 Tell Me You Care.mp3
    2:35 Salty Dog.mp3
    2:35 Ride, Jockey, Ride.mp3
    3:07 Five Minutes Longer.mp3
    2:35 You Hear.mp3
    2:10 Yum! Yum! (Sugar Lump).mp3
    2:41 Goody Good Things.mp3
    2:56 I Wanna Know.mp3
    3:03 Believe in Me.mp3
    3:08 Roll On.mp3
    3:08 Love, Rock and Thrill.mp3
    2:46 Don't Make It So Good.mp3
    2:33 Hug a Little, Kiss a Little.mp3
    2:15 Bo-Peep.mp3
    2:10 Cross My Heart.mp3
    1:47 Fine Fine Frame.mp3
    2:37 You Were Sent Down from Heaven.mp3
    2:30 It Ain't Right.mp3
    2:39 Everything's All Right.mp3
    2:21 Little Bitty Pretty One.mp3
    2:10 I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me.mp3
    2:01 Do What You Did.mp3
    3:03 I'm Asking Forgiveness.mp3
    2:02 What Will I Gain.mp3
    2:43 Shufflin'.mp3
    2:56 Our Love Is Here to Stay.mp3
    2:29 Lock My Heart.mp3
    2:18 Teenage Girl.mp3
    2:26 Be-Baba-Leba.mp3
    1:57 I'm Out to Getcha.mp3
    2:37 Only One Love Is Blessed.mp3
    1:54 (I Got Loaded At) Smokey Joe's.mp3
    2:16 Over and Over.mp3
    1:43 Over Someone Else's Shoulder.mp3
    2:14 Tears from My Heart.mp3
    2:14 Purple Stew.mp3
    2:04 I Heard a Rhapsody.mp3
    2:15 You Don't Know (How Much I Love You).mp3
    2:35 Crazy Times.mp3
    2:18 I'm Crying.mp3
    2:23 Sad and Lonely.mp3
    2:07 Bo-Peep (Alternative Version).mp3
    1:47 Hey Little Girl.mp3
    1:49 My Love Will Last.mp3
    2:17 Runk Bunk.mp3
    1:59 Bless Your Heart.mp3
    2:29 Slip Slop.mp3
    2:32 Paradise Hill.mp3
    2:08 Tell Me So.mp3
    1:58 In the Bottom of My Heart.mp3
    2:02 Moonlight Cocktail.mp3
    2:21 Recess in Heaven.mp3
    2:04 One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.mp3
    2:28 Send Me Some Loving.mp3
    1:48 Mr. Satan.mp3
    2:31 Quiet As It's Kept.mp3
    2:16 Poop-A-Loop.mp3
    2:22 She's the One.mp3
    2:05 You're Gonna Need Me.mp3
    2:14 Dance On Little Girl.mp3
    2:16 Dancing Silhouettes.mp3
    3:01 I'll Go.mp3
    2:49 Tell It to Me.mp3
    2:56 Mercy Me.mp3
    2:21 Little Bitty Pretty One.mp3
    2:17 Over and Over (Alternative Version).mp3
    3:02 All Is Forgiven.mp3
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